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Complaint against a Registered Architect

  1. A complaint may be lodged against a registered architect if he has contravened the provisions of the Architects Act. However, if the subject matter of the complaint relates to contractual issues, the matter would not fall under the purview of the Board and you are advised to seek independent legal advice on the recourse available to you.

  2. Under Section 28 of the Architects Act, any complaint concerning the following shall be made to the Board in writing and shall be supported by such statutory declaration as the Board may require. No statutory declaration shall be required if the complaint is made or given by any public officer or officer of the Board.

    1. the conviction of a registered architect of any offence involving fraud, dishonesty or moral turpitude, or implying a defect in character which makes him unfit for his profession;

    2. any improper act or conduct of a registered architect in his professional capacity which brings disrepute to his profession;

    3. any contravention by a registered architect of any provision of the prescribed code of professional conduct and ethics;

    4. the ability of a registered architect to carry out the duties of an architect effectively in Singapore; or

    5. any failure on the part of a registered architect, while being a director, a manager or an employee of a licensed corporation, or a partner, a manager or an employee of a licensed partnership or limited liability partnership, to take reasonable steps to prevent the corporation, partnership or limited liability partnership from acting in a manner (other than as described in section 26A(1)(e)) which would warrant the Board to revoke any licence granted to the corporation, partnership or limited liability partnership or imposing a penalty under section 26A(2)

  3. The letter of complaint and the Statutory Declaration should be officially submitted to:
    The Registrar
    Board of Architects
    5 Maxwell Road
    #01-03 Tower Block
    Singapore 069110

What should be in your letter of complaint?

  1. Your official complaint is to be written in the English Language (hand-written or type-written). Authenticated English translations must be submitted together with your complaint, if your complaint is written in other languages.

  2. Your letter of complaint should include:

    1. the full name of the architect(s) complained against and name(s) of his practice or firm(s)

    2. supporting documents to substantiate your complaint, e.g. building plans, submissions, photographs or other relevant documents

    3. specific clause(s) in The Schedule (Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics) of the Architects Act which the Architect had contravened. You can refer to the “Rules & Laws” on the Board’s website to help you identify the clause(s) which the architect had contravened.

    4. a Statutory Declaration (SD). The SD is a written statement of facts which is signed and affirmed by you that the contents in the complaint are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief. The SD must be affirmed before a Commissioner for Oaths. It is an offence to submit a false SD. You may visit the website of the Law Society of Singapore for the list of Commissioner of Oaths in Singapore.



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